A Guide to Keeping Your Dog Safe During Walks:

Make the most of Take a Walk in the Park Day with your furry pal on March 30th, but don’t let potential hazards ruin your perfect day! While you’re walking your pet, make sure to stay vigilant and be aware of any possible issues.

#1: Other Dogs

When encountering another dog, be vigilant – even if they appear to be friendly. If either of the dogs is reactive and happens to slip their collar, this could potentially cause a commotion. Upon observation, note your pet’s body language in order to guarantee that they remain serene when facing other canines. Whenever feasible, try staying away from parks during peak times as large groups of pups may possibly result in an altercation.

#2: Pedestrians, Cyclists and Traffic

When strolling to a park, be sure to keep an alert eye on traffic – from cars and bikes to people walking. Furthermore, make certain your pet remains close to you in order to avoid any unfortunate incidents. An unlocked retractable or long leash can expose your pup to danger if not kept at bay; they can potentially dash into the street, trip cyclists with their leash, or ensnare a passerby – even worse is when the lead snaps due after trying to chase a squirrel!

#3: Pests

Park habitats provide the perfect breeding ground for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and intestinal parasites. To keep your beloved pet safe from pesky intruders all year round, administer preventives and inspect their fur from nose-to-tail after every outdoor outing. By taking these simple steps, you can protect them against those hidden bugs!

#4: Wild Animals

As your pup roams around the park, they could potentially uncover wildlife dwellings and resting areas. If a wild animal perceives people or pets as a threat to their offspring, food source or abode, they may become aggressive in order to protect it. Furthermore, animals in the wild can be carriers of diseases and parasites, so it’s important not to disturb them.

Is your furry friend an outdoor enthusiast? Make sure they are safeguarded against any contagions or parasites with frequent preventive healthcare. Contact our team today to arrange a wellness exam for your pet!